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Product Development

We are at an unprecedented time of innovation in technology. Cloud services, mobile applications, and a new wave of business automation are spawning ideas and products across the internet. Let’s fine tune your idea, get you off the sidelines and in the game!

Project/Program Leadership

BrightStreet Group can help your projects succeed

We provide professional project leadership services for organizations that are interested in:

  • Adopting project management best practices within the framework of your culture
  • Ensuring that critical projects achieve their stated organizational objectives
  • Integrating collaboration into your approach to project management, recognizing that a team dedicated to a successful project outcome is far more powerful than a project leader flying solo

Technical Strategy And Architecture

You have a choice. You can let each technical initiative in your organization select, purchase and implement a solution that works for them, and wake up one day with a collection of applications, platforms and licensing fees that will leave you exasperated, or you can develop and stick to an enterprise technical strategy that lets you sleep at night. We have the technical breadth and experience to help navigate the opportunities that new technology is creating and help your business stay on top of the wave, not get swept ashore by it.

Software Lifecycle Management

The world of technology is inescapable for business today. Establishing a reasonable process for managing that world can mean the difference between success and quagmire. We can help you:

  • Effectively implement agile development processes
  • Manage stakeholder expectations and vendor relationships
  • Translate business requirements into well-architected technical plans
  • Distill technical issues into language that non-technical team members can process
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BrightStreet Group Team
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Meet Us

Four friends and ex-coworkers who admire each other's technical and business skills and approach to making software work for business decided to come together as the BrightStreet Group in June 2011. We believe we offer a unique value proposition:

  • we are all senior technical leaders. You'll never get stuck with a second rate consultant working with BrightStreet.
  • we don't have a dedicated software development staff. We either architect and write the code ourselves, or leverage one of our onshore or offshore trusted partners. So you never have to worry about us trying to make the scope of your project fit our "bench."
  • we all have different strengths, as you'll see in our profiles. We communicate among each other constantly, so even if you're working directly with just one member of BrightStreet, rest assured you're getting the value of all four of us.

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